The growing flavoured cider market has a peachy new offering from St Helier.

The new 5% abv Peach Pear cider was developed following better-than-expected sales for the brand's other fruit-flavoured pear ciders, launched last year.

"We were among the very first to launch a pear cider on the UK market and rapidly followed this with the introduction of Blueberry and Raspberry & Lime," said Paul Burton, joint MD of brand-owner Intercontinental Brands. "Sales of the brand are almost treble our internal estimates and this is therefore a great time to introduce a peach extension."

The company is also adding a new 1-litre format across its range in a bid to capitalise on the shift to drinking at home, a trend which is expected to accelerate as the credit crunch worsens. "We may be living in tough a commercial time but the premium bottled cider market continues to flourish," said Burton.