Here's a prediction for you: blue will be very much in favour among young adults this summer.

Quick to react to growing consumer appreciation of the mildly sweet and tangy characteristics of blueberries, ICB combined the distinctive and popular indigo fruit with the crisp refreshment of pear cider to produce a trend-setting extension to its successful St Helier cider range.

St Helier has become well established in the intrinsically dynamic and fast-moving premium bottled ciders market, becoming a major player through fresh thinking and new product development. In addition to St Helier Blueberry, the range now comprises original Pear Cider, Apple Cider and Raspberry & Lime Pear Cider.

As one of the most important trading seasons approaches, ICB is pleased to offer readers a chance to win one of 40 cases of 12 bottles of either Raspberry & Lime or Blueberry Pear Cider.

For your chance to win one of these cases, simply fill in and send off the coupon on the right.