Dairy Crest said it would continue to promote certain benefits of its St Ivel Advance milk despite the ASA's ruling that its adverts made misleading claims about helping improve children's intelligence.

The company said it had amended its press and TV ads, but a spokesman added that it would continue to describe the product as 'clever milk' and also to claim on its web site that the milk could aid concentration and learning.

Dairy Crest said in a statement: "We believe our dossier provided the evidence to support our claim that 'increasing the intake of Omega-3 may enhance learning and concentration in some children'."

The ASA upheld complaints from two members of the public about press ads last October, which referred to trials that showed benefits in children given Omega-3. The ASA ruled there was not enough evidence to prove that the amount of Omega-3 in the milk was likely to have the same effect as the supplement used in the trials.