Masterfoods is adding three new confectionery products to its Starburst portfolio and backing the brand with a £4m media budget this year. Rolling out now, the newcomers offer the brand's signature fruit flavours in different formats. Fruitensse are miniature teardrop-shaped sweets in strawberry, mandarin, apple and blackcurrant variants (rsp: 49p, 10g), while Sea Monsters are bags of fruit flavoured gums (99p for 200g), each fronted by one of six marine characters. Flipsters fruit flavoured boiled sweets have a creamier flip' side and come in 39g stick packs (30p) and 140g bags (99p). They will get half the brand's media budget, including TV ads, while Fruitensse is backed by a press campaign. The remainder will go on a generic campaign. Meanwhile, McVitie's Cake Company is also adding Starburst to its collection of Masterfoods branded cake bars in packs of five (£1.05). {{P&P }}