Stella Cidre is being pulled from shelves after two consumers were injured when a bottle of the cider exploded.

Brand owner AB InBev has issued a recall notice following the discovery of a yeast contamination in three batches of the cider. The fault means it continues to ferment in the bottle, leading to a build-up of gas that could cause bottles to burst.

The alarm was raised after two consumers suffered minor injuries when a bottle exploded, prompting the brewer and an external lab to carry out tests.

Retailers have been warned to wear protective glasses and gloves before checking whether they are carrying the affected products – 568ml single bottles and 568ml 12-packs with the batch code 1182381, 1214381 or 1217381.

The products came from the same production line and represent 1.4% of the Stella Cidre put on the market since it launched in April. Individual bottles have the batch code printed on the neck, while 12-packs carry it on the long side of the pack to the right of the barcode.

AB Inbev, which said no other products were affected, has told retailers finding any of the recalled bottles not to handle them further and contact the company, which will collect the stock if required.

“We are working closely with the Food Standards Agency to take all necessary action, and have moved quickly to understand and identify the issue and taken action,” said a spokesman for the brewer.

“The safety of our consumers is our primary concern.”

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