Winner: Asda Trafford Park

Deputy store manager: Paul Ryan

Opened: 1995

Size: 82,000 sq ft

Market share: 16.7%

Nearest rivals: Morrisons - 1 mile
; Sainsbury’s - 1.4 miles; 
Tesco - 2.3 miles
; Waitrose - 6.8 miles

Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000

Congratulations on the win. How are you enjoying your role as deputy manager? Thanks, this is actually our second G33 win so it is a massive achievement. The first was before my time as I only joined 13 months ago. I am really enjoying this store’s emphasis on coaching our staff on shopper interaction.

Our mystery shopper described the staff interaction as “shopping heaven”. Is customer service key? We talk about our customers on a daily basis and we are always debating what is important to them. Just asking somebody about the football or being quick to answer a question on stock is what makes a real difference these days.

Are there any major changes planned for the store? We’ve just revamped our George offer to bring in the George Home range and customer feedback has been great so far. I think Asda can really take on the department stores with it. A refresh of the health and beauty section is also imminent. I think you have to refresh areas to re-energise sales.

Asda has been a champion of click & collect over recent years. How is it progressing at the store? We have rapidly expanded grocery home delivery and click & collect, and have seen 20% year-on-year growth on both. Having the click & collect terminal at the entrance of the store gives out the right, forward-thinking, message to customers.

In such a competitive climate for British retail, what do you think is driving footfall? I guess you could say this is a tough area as we have a Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco all in close proximity. Not to mention the Trafford Centre. We try to ensure there is a clear point of sale message in store as there’s nothing worse than misleading promotions. Asda’s continued investment in price also makes our job easier as it is great to interact with staff when you know that you’re cheaper than the store down the road.