This is the third time you have won this award. Congratulations again! Yes, in two different stores – that is what I am really chuffed about. It validates the hard work we have been doing on availability and customer service. With availability, I maximise every opportunity I can, and if we haven’t got the stock then we drill down as to the reasons why – then take action. 

How does Morrisons’ in-store production operation help with availability? On our Market Street we produce over 1,300 lines every day from scratch – and because we make that in-store I can turn it on and off as I want, like a running tap. It is a huge operation – but it’s a point of difference that we have against our competition. It enables me to stay on top of availability. 

How is the HOT customer service initiative going? I have just completed presenting that to 450 staff. Each session took one hour, so we have made a big investment in it. It is having a massive impact on the way we are behaving in stores, and it has increased the awareness of what customers want from us. The initiative is top of the agenda right now. It works because it concentrates on offering a natural friendly service – our colleagues are just being themselves. 

Our shopper noticed security trailing some teenagers around the store. Is crime an issue in store? Yes, unfortunately. It’s one of those sad things – we have quite a bit of shoplifting. We combat that by being very vigilant. We maintain a presence on the shop floor, which is the best prevention. If you speak to any ex-criminal they will tell you that the biggest deterrent is a presence on the shop floor. 

Morrisons opened its first M-local convenience store this week. What do you think of the convenience push? It’s the way forward. Land is precious, and if we are going to build our business then we should be trying something different. And the fact that deliveries will be made by Morrisons stores within a ten-mile radius will be a very effective way of replenishing the stores with fresh food. 

Morrisons has also just launched a major promotion with Disney. How is that going? We are giving away 1,000 stays at Disneyland Paris. It has been very well received. Buying certain brands gets you more chances to win, children can save the cards in a sticker album and so on. There is a fantastic advert on the TV. It’s a golden ticket promotion, and everyone loves trying to find a golden ticket!