Your store had a £4.8m revamp in April. What work was involved? It was a total refit that took seven weeks, including a one-week closure. Everything was replaced. We got new lighting, wider aisles, some additional oorspace and a host of eco-friendly initiatives such as a biomass boiler for heating, and a system for reusing cool and hot air. It’s now the most eco-friendly superstore in the county.

Wow! Why were there so many eco-initiatives? The environment is so important to Sainsbury’s and it is using them in lots of its revamps. Customers also have high expectations and expect Sainsbury’s to do the right thing when it comes to the environment.

So how has trading been since the refit? Absolutely excellent. There’s been a good increase in sales, and customer feedback has been really positive.

Our customer was impressed with Fast Track in your store. What’s this? It gives customers the ability to scan and pack their shop as they go round the store. They then download the details to the Fast Track till at the end of their shop to pay. We are the only store in our region to have it. It was never fully rolled out by Sainsbury’s, but our customers love it and about 10% of our sales are through the Fast Track till.

This is the third time the store has won the Grocer 33 since 2009. What is its secret? Pride. The team is so proud of the store and making sure customer service and availability are spot on. We also do a lot for the local community and have just chosen our charity of the year - the James Hopkins Trust. The refit was really the icing on the cake and everyone is so pleased to have won again.

It’s also the third week in a row a Sainsbury’s store has won the G33. Why is the company doing so well? Sainsbury’s results have been great and so your mystery shoppers are seeing the reality of those results when they are in store.