Winner: Sainsbury’s Murrayfield Edinburgh
Store manager: James Jordan
Opened: 2007
Size: 57,000 sq
Nearest rivals:
: 1.2 miles
Aldi: 0.1 miles
Store data source: Analysis by CACI.
Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000

What do you think explains Sainsbury’s strong sales of late? We’re getting it right for the consumer. The reaction to Brand Match has been fantastic - customers really like that it is instantaneous. They know straight away if they’ve saved money, and if they haven’t, they get vouchers back. There is no need to go to the web to find out, which is something few people have time for.

Sainsbury’s shares are doing well, good news for staff participating in the Sharesave scheme. Is the scheme popular? Yes. It’s a great incentive to staff and gives everyone a greater feeling of being part of the company.

Do you have a view on the relaxation of the Sunday trading laws? I’m actually a big fan of Sunday trading. I think we offer a lot of jobs to people on Sundays who are unable to work at other times - like students and those who have family commitments during the week. Also, with most consumers at work during the week it makes sense to be to be available when they are.

Sainsbury’s raised over £4m for Sports Relief this year. Did you do anything at the store? Yes, we all got very much involved. We had a team of colleagues doing a 30-mile cycle around the other Sainsbury’s in Edinburgh. We got fantastic support and raised £1,000 from the cycle alone.

What are you doing at the store to prepare for the Olympics? We’ll be meeting members of the British Paralympic football team next month. We’ll be having a try ourselves at a local school - it’ll be a great opportunity for us to see how difficult it is and how talented the Paralympians are.

How has the recent unseasonably hot weather affected trading? As you would expect, people have been buying a lot of barbecue and fish products. We’re putting in our summer eating range as well, which is good timing - it includes lots of barbecue food and always proves popular.

James Jordan was talking to Guy Montague-Jones