Winner: Sainsbury’s Swansea
Store manager: Chris Thompson
Size: 46,000 sq
Opened: 1985
Market share: 18.5%
Nearest rivals:
- 0.5 miles
Morrisons - 1.5 miles
Asda - 3 miles
Store data source: Analysis by CACI.
Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000


Our shopper said customer service at your store was the best she had ever encountered. Do you do anything particular to encourage this? Everyone is trained to a very high standard and that training is constantly being refreshed so we offer our customers the best possible service.

Our shopper was also delighted to receive a Brand Match voucher for £5.23 off her next shop. Has Brand Match been well received in your store? Brand Match is proving particularly popular, and why wouldn’t it be? I think it has been a real eye-opener for a number of our customers to see that many of the Brand Match coupons that are issued each week inform them that we have been cheaper for branded goods than Tesco and Asda.

How is current trading? We are enjoying some fantastic year-on-year growth at the moment with more and more customers flocking to us every week. The store has a track record of delivering great service and availability but to be recognised by The Grocer 33 is particularly rewarding.

Have you introduced any new ranges? We recently introduced an improved range of electrical items, including the new iPad, which has been really well received. We’re also enjoying double-digit growth on general merchandise.

Are you all set for the Paralympics? My colleagues at Swansea are a competitive bunch with a real appetite to succeed and really know how to have fun. I try to channel this spirit into our daily routines, with colleagues and managers really getting behind each corporate initiative, delivering great results. A great example of this would be the Paralympic Games launch this weekend. We’ve got local Paralympians coming to the store and we’ve got lots of activities and events planned too. Myself and five other colleagues will also be attending Turn The Park Orange in a couple of weeks time.