Waitrose will open its third co-located store with John Lewis on a regenerated site in Basingstoke this autumn.

The news follows the opening of a co-located 43,000 John Lewis at home store and 27,000 Waitrose in Horsham, West Sussex this week.

The first co-located Waitrose and John Lewis at home venture opened in Ipswich in 2012, at 27,000 sq ft each.

A spokesman said the group wanted to open more co-located outlets but it was difficult to find the sites to fit both.

“We’ve not set any targets. It’s about when the right locations come up,” he said.

The co-locations were mutually beneficial and served as a big draw for people in those areas, he said.

The newest Waitrose stores feature the latest concepts and services, including juice bar, wine and beer bar, new bakery and eat-in areas offering tapas, deli platters and freshly baked goods.

“These are being rolled out into more and more new stores,” the spokesman said.

John Lewis has 11 at homes stores and Waitrose has 330 outlets.