Sainsbury’s is currently developing a new smartphone app which will allow customers to create shopping lists at home, guide shoppers to their chosen products, scan the items and pay without needing to visit a checkout.

Jon Rudoe, Sainsbury’s digital and technology, said the retailer was still working a number of features in the app but expected it to go live within the next few months with a full rollout taking place next year.

Shoppers can create their list by either scanning packs at home or simply searching for a product type or brand. As they do so a live pricing tool with show how much their shopping will cost.

When they enter the shop the products on the list will appear as dots on a map of the store.

They then scan and pack the items into their trolleys and can pay using their card, which will generate a receipt which can be used as proof of payment. The app will also alert shoppers to any items on the list they may have missed before checking out.

Full details of how it will work in practice are still being considered particularly around security and payment. Sainsbury’s currently relies on spot checks to ensure shoppers using scan and go devices have paid for all their items. Rudoe said the retailer may create an area in store where shoppers should go to before paying or install beacon technology to ensure they are not taking goods away without paying.