Selfridges has launched a new range of healthier comfort food.

The upmarket retailer is now selling traditional winter favourites that have been tweaked by producers to be less processed and more nutritious, thanks to wholefood ingredients, ‘superfoods’ and key fibres.

“There is always a focus on low calorie diet foods at the beginning of the year as everyone wants to get healthy after the indulgence of Christmas,” said Selfridges wine and grocery buying manager Dawn Davies.

“But when it is cold outside people crave comfort foods, so we decided to put a spin on our January food campaign by offering customers the opportunity to experience new products that enable them to still eat well but have comfort at the same time.”

The new products include Livia’s Crumble, which Davies says is “nutritionally robust” but offers “the comfort element that customers crave this time of year.”

The crumble is priced at £3.99 for 135g and contains superfoods such as maca, acai, goji and cacao.

Selfridges is also selling Soupologie soups, which are 100% vegan, gluten-free and have no added sugar or hydrogenated fats. Selfridges’ shoppers will pay £3.99 for 600g.

The retailer is also stocking Kokoa’s hot chocolate range, Qnola, a cereal made primarily from quinoa, juice from press and peanut, almond and coconut butters from Pip and Nut.