Organic Argentine beef could soon appear on supermarket shelves after fruitful discussions with several retailers.

Prime cuts of Aberdeen Angus and Hereford beef are being exported to the UK by Pampas Plains, which said Waitrose was very interested in the brand, alongside other major multiples.

Pampas Plains offers two luxury ranges of grass-fed beef, one organic and the other naturally reared.

Cuts include fillet, rib eye, sirloin and rump steaks, which are shipped in chilled, vacuum packs. From next month, ribs and chorizo sausages will also be available, with burgers to follow.

Harrods and Selfridges are the only current stockists, although the beef is available online direct from the producer.

The animals are said to be grazed on large areas of natural pampas grass on organic certified farms with minimal human contact, no growth hormones, no artificial feeds and full traceability.

The company said demand for prime Argentine Scotch beef has increased following the temporary EU ban on imports from areas of Argentina put at risk by an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the northern province of Corrientes in February.

It said a shortage of Argentine beef has led to higher prices for the meat, which is popular with the catering industry.

"The discerning customer is willing to pay a little more for amazing quality, grass-fed beef," said a spokeswoman.

"Ours is different from UK Scotch beef in that it is more like veal, slightly gamey, has less intramuscular fat and is dry hung for 30 days for a fuller flavour and more tenderness."

A four-steak, 900g pack of naturally reared rump steak retails for £17 and organic rump steak for £21.50.