Booths Price Match

Booths has vowed to match its rivals’ prices on groceries

Booths has launched a new price-matching scheme on branded groceries – exclusively for Booths cardholders.

Under the scheme, the northern food retailer will match against the most commonly occurring non-promotional price at Waitrose, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. If there is no most common price, Booths will match against the highest.

When the Booths price is higher, Booths will give back the difference to shoppers in the form of rewards on their Booths cardholder accounts. Once their rewards reach £5, Booths will send shoppers a voucher through the post.

Booths said the new scheme was designed to reward loyal shoppers and reassure them about the retailer’s price competitiveness.

“Our Price Match campaign gives customers the confidence and reassurance that Booths offers value for money alongside unparalleled quality and service,” said Booths chairman Edwin Booth.

“People come to Booths for great tasting food and drink, and now we can guarantee that on goods like washing powder and baked beans, we’re able to match the market price. We take great pride in the quality of service at Booths; with our Price Match campaign the Booths shopping experience has just become a whole lot more affordable.

“We want our regular customers to continue to be able to buy the best while saving money on the essentials.”

The launch of the price matching scheme comes after Booths added a number of new features to its loyalty card earlier this month including free coffee and newspapers, as well as 10% off selected new and seasonal lines.

Launched in the summer, the Booths card pioneered paperless receipts in a link-up with tech company e-Receipts. Cardholders can keep track of their spending online, on the retailer’s website or via a mobile app.

Under Booths’ price-matching scheme, shoppers have to spend a minimum of £20 to be eligible for rewards and there is a maximum reward of £10 per cardholder, per day. The price matching scheme is based on prices that are collected weekly for Booths by an independent price comparison consultancy.