Poppadoms have been in short supply this month, as leading branded suppliers Sharwood’s and Patak’s have struggled to supply the Indian snacks to the likes of Waitrose and Tesco.

“This is an industry-wide issue, which has meant that we have lower stock than usual of poppadoms,” said a Waitrose spokeswoman.

Apologising to customers on shelf-edge labelling, Waitrose said normal supply was expected to resume in June: “Due to raw material issues, the supply of poppadoms is currently limited across the UK.”

Premier Foods-owned brand Sharwood’s said it had experienced a “blip in production” due to ingredient shortages.

However, it was unable to confirm which ingredients were affected. Sharwood’s and Patak’s are made to different recipes - the main ingredient in Patak’s is lentil flour and in Sharwood’s it is black chickpea gram flour.

Sharwood’s added that supply issues had been resolved and production was back to normal.