It's going up £10,000 Shinda Singh Costcutter, Birmingham General store Size: 4,000 sq ft

?I rent my shop and I have been told that the rent will be increasing in November. I have been told it is increasing by £10,000. It is reviewed every five years and I had expected it to increase by only £5,000, not £10,000. I am planning to argue against the increase. I do not mind paying my rent every three months because I know that I have to put the money aside, but it is a lot to pay. However, it is not just rent that is hurting retailers. Energy costs are also increasing. I have received an electricity bill for one month of £5,000. I have a big shop, but that is far too much. In the past three months my electricity and gas bills have doubled.

Rent is due for review K Athwal Spar, Kings Norton, Birmingham Convenience store Size: 800 sq ft

?My rent is due for a review now. It is reviewed every five years and although it did not increase last time, the time before that it did. It should not be increasing much, but my solicitors will fight the increase for me. I would much prefer it, and it would be much easier, if I could pay my rent monthly instead of every quarter. It would spread the payments and would be much easier to manage. It would also make my banking much easier as all my other payments, such as electricity and gas, are paid monthly. It would also make it easier for us to fight back against Tesco Express and Sainsbury's Local, which are taking over and appearing on every corner.

My shop is being sold James Livingstone Ewers Churchill Wines, Perry Barr, Birmingham Off-licence Size: 800 sq ft

?I rent my shop in Perry Barr and have done so for nine years. During this time the rent has increased at roughly £2,000 a year. My rent is due once every three months. I do not find these quarterly payments a problem because I know when the rent has to be paid and I make sure that I put the correct amount of money aside for it. It does not concern me that much, but I think that it would probably be easier for others if they could pay their rent monthly because the instalments would be smaller for them. I am not concerned, because my shop is being sold. The sign has gone up because, after nine years, I am finding the working hours too long.