Food waste

Tesco today revealed it had reduced the amount of food wasted in its stores and distribution in centres by 1,180 tonnes in the past year.

However, the supermarket giant admitted 55,400 tonnes of food were still wasted in 2014/15, in what it admitted had been a “challenging” year for its sustainability strategy.

The retailer also revealed it would no longer be publishing a separate printed corporate responsibility report and would instead be updating on its progress on areas including food waste, obesity and job creation, online only.

Tesco said bakery goods made up the biggest area of waste, accounting for 36% of the total, with fresh produce 25% and convenience 9%.

On top of that more than 3,000 tonnes of food was wasted in the impulse category, over 2,500 tonnes of meat, fish and poultry and 1,500-plus tonnes of beers, wines and spirits.

“While the last year has been challenging for Tesco, we remain incredibly proud of the efforts we have made to tackle sustainability issues, support important causes and help local communities,” said the report.

“As we reset many aspects of our business, so we have changed our approach to reporting. This report looks at our business in the round and sets out our strategic priorities; our corporate responsibility is a fundamental part of these. Instead of a separate, printed corporate responsibility report, we now publish further details on our corporate responsibility, our policies and our key data online.”

Tesco has previously attacked other retailers for not following its lead in publishing its individual food waste figures, with its competitors reporting a supermarket wide figure under the umbrella of the BRC.