Cadbury Schweppes is to build its franchise outside traditional retail operations following the restructuring of its UK confectionery business. Chief executive John Sunderland said: "We want to build the most powerful confectionery business in the UK. With the integration of Cadbury and Trebor Bassett, the new emphasis is on growth and efficiency." A combined sales team will target retail customers with Cadbury's chocolate brands and Trebor Bassett's mint and wine gum brands from later this year. Sunderland said Cadbury Schweppes was looking to make products widely available to target impulse buyers, with plans to put vending machines in pubs and hospitals, and to add new products and types of packaging to the range. Sunderland said: "We have some pretty exciting innovations planned for this year, with brand and packaging extensions and new flavours." Snowflake is to be relaunched (The Grocer, December 16), and a premium adult white chocolate bar called Dream, currently on sale in New Zealand, is a contender to join it on shop shelves. And the Cadbury Café, a restaurant, sweet shop and lounge area concept specialising in hot chocolate and currently on trial in Bath, will be rolled out nationwide. Cadbury Schweppes is still on the acquisitions trail in the drinks market, as it looks to take on multinational competitors such as Coca-Cola. The company is planning to put its marketing clout behind the recently acquired Snapple brand in the UK. Sunderland said: "Snapple is an excellent acquisition, but it is mainly available in London. We want to put volumes up." According to Sunderland, negotiations with Pernod Ricard over the purchase of Orangina should be completed within weeks, and Cadbury Schweppes is looking to acquire refreshment beverages in all categories. He said: "There are many acquisition opportunities in the highly fragmented UK market. We have never made a hostile acquisition though." Sales in the year to December 31 were up 6% to £4,6bn, with pretax profits up 15% to £792m. One analyst said: "These are a good set of numbers, slightly better than expected. Acquisitions should start flowing through on drinks and confectionery this year." {{NEWS }}