Herb suppliers claim that Israel’s worst storms in decades have had minimal impact on the supply of herbs to the UK mults.

Israel is a key source of fresh herbs in UK supermarkets but recent storms have damaged growing tunnels and resulted in lost crops.

supplier VHB, the biggest supplier of fresh herbs to UK retail, said the poor weather had disrupted availability and increased pressure on other suppliers and geographic areas to make up the shortfall. However, it said it had managed the situation by sourcing from elsewhere.

“Due to our robust programming schedule and own production, VHB have been able to minimise shortages to our retail customers,” said a spokeswoman.

R&G Herbs, which supplies fresh herbs to Waitrose and Ocado, said it had seen additional demand for basil, after the variety was “majorly affected” by the recent Israeli weather, leaving other suppliers short of crop.

“Due to our close working relationship with growers we have done very well to continue supplying customers, when many others have not been able to,” said R&G account manager, Clare Neylan.