Greenpeace is to drop its campaign against Nestlé's Kit Kat after the confectionery giant announced a tie-up with The Forest Trust to source palm oil only from sustainable sources.

Greenpeace launched the attack on Kit Kat in March to highlight Nestlé's association with Indonesia's largest palm oil company Sinar Mas, which it claimed was illegally destroying the rainforests where orang-utans live.

Announcing the partnership this week, Nestlé said The Forest Trust would help it to build responsible supply chains by identifying and addressing social and environmental issues.

Greenpeace was quick to claim victory. "Greenpeace campaigners have met several times with Nestlé executives to discuss the problems with sourcing of palm oil and paper products," said forest campaigner Ian Duff. "But we didn't expect Nestlé to come up with such a comprehensive 'zero deforestation' policy so quickly."