Country-based pricing and trading terms could be a thing of the past at Procter & Gamble as it looks to develop truly global brands and work more closely with retailers. Much has been made of the benefits for retailers of dealing with suppliers on a world scale; Procter & Gamble is lining itself up as a partner. European vice president for customer business development John Millen says the shift away from a regional focus is necessary but not easy. He promises that the company will seek to develop "principles for doing business with multinational customers in ways that are consistent with how we do business with local customers". P&G is trying to recapture the offensive after failing to expand products on a global scale or grow sales rapidly enough. The goal is to double the $37bn turnover by 2005. Millen said: "We really have to be open to totally new ways of doing business together... so that, to the consumer, we act as one. I want P&G to be loved as a company as well as respected. I believe it would be good for both our businesses." {{NEWS }}