means status quo for fixtures Tobacco manufacturers hope a loophole in the proposed Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill will allow them to continue sponsoring point of sale. The Bill, which will outlaw press, billboard and internet adverts from the summer, does not spell out regulations at the point of sale. A spokesman for British American Tobacco said: "Our lawyers have looked at the proposed bill, which will probably become law in June. It says a retailer must not break the regulations, but does not flesh out what they are. We hope the status quo will be maintained." Gallaher external communications manager Michelle McKeown said: "We are waiting to see the full details of the Bill, but hope it will allow us to continue communicating with the trade, and smokers at point of sale." Tobacco retailers currently receive funding from tobacco companies for category management, store improvements and revamps. If regulations governing point of sale go the Bill, they could see fixtures and fittings carrying tobacco advertising being stripped, according to BAT. Association of Convenience Stores public affairs and commercial manager James Lowman said: "The bill includes clauses allowing point of sale and retail outlets to be exempted from the ban on advertising. "We need a clear parliamentary commitment to exclude them." Scottish Grocers Federation chief executive Scott Landsburgh said the SGF was lobbying against plans introduce a tobacco ad ban in Scotland. He said: "We would prefer to fall in line with a UK-wide ban as it would mean funding from tobacco companies was not simply taken out of Scotland." {{NEWS }}