This is the radical new logo that The Grocer last week revealed (page 6) will adorn the packs of more than 500 Unilever products by the end of the year.
The logo is part of the company’s attempt to get consumers to reappraise the way they think about its brands.
Speaking at last week’s announcement of Unilever’s full-year results, which saw sales dip 12%, chairman of the Anglo-Dutch group Antony Burgmans admitted the company had not been getting “full leverage” from its brand.
Now the company plans to change all that with a logo which will be featured on everything the company makes, from Pot Noodle to Birds Eye frozen vegetables.
The company declined to explain the ethos behind the new logo, pictured above in a black and white draft, but it depicts flowers, animals and stars. It will replace the corporate blue ‘U’ which the company has been using since the 1970s.
A spokesman said: “We are well known in the financial and business community but not necessarily to consumers who are now more sophisticated and want to know exactly who and where things come from.
“We are not complacent but we are proud of our traditions and history so there is no need to hide our logo.
“In the current climate, the reputation of big companies has been tarnished, so being more transparent and visible can only be a good thing.”