English wine producer Nyetimber is skipping this year’s harvest following poor weather conditions.

The West Sussex vineyard today said the quality and volume of the 2012 harvest did not meet the required standard and it would be skipping production to preserve the quality of the brand.

“The decision to not make wine from 2012 is a difficult one, not just for me but for our whole team,” said Nyetimber winemaker Cherie Spriggs.

“However, we all know maintaining quality is paramount. My first obligation as the winemaker is to ensure the quality of Nyetimber’s wines and we have collectively come to the decision that the grapes from 2012 cannot deliver the standards we have achieved in the past and will again in the future.”

This month, Nyetimber claimed a first for English wine with the launch of a new demi-sec. To be taken seriously, a sparkling wine producer needed to have a demi-sec in its portfolio, Spriggs argued.