Nisa is using double-decker trailers to reduce its carbon emissions.

The fleet of 10 lorries would save the company more than £400,000 and cut 730,000kg of carbon dioxide a year, Nisa said.

The symbol group said the Transdek trailers at its Scunthorpe distribution centre would cut nearly 820,000km from vehicle routes annually, saving around 273,000 litres of diesel.

“At a time when innovation and reducing cost is critical in the convenience sector in order to remain competitive, Transdek’s products have supported this agenda,” said Nisa head of logistics Lee Vickers.

Supply chain specialist Transdek has also installed four five-pallet hydraulic double-deck lifts at Nisa distribution centres.

“The equipment has been very reliable since introduction, which has meant we’ve been able to deliver the targeted savings, and due to this, we’re now looking to introduce more Transdek trailers and lifts into our fleet,” added Vickers.

Leon Butler, sales director at Transdek, said: “We are delighted to be working closely with Nisa to assist in its ongoing aims to cut unnecessary mileage and develop a cost-effective robust supply chain distribution platform across the UK.”