Regional fruit and vegetable preferences vary drastically across the country, according to a supermarket survey in line with the Government’s Five-a-Day message.

Brighton is home to some of the healthiest eaters, according to the survey, where the most bananas are bought a year - more than 105,000 bunches - and they also consumer the most apples, oranges, avocado, paw paw and beetroot.

London is second in the healthy diet rankings, accounting for the highest sales of lemons, beans, peppers, spinach, mangoes, cherries and limes.

The survey also showed that the most kiwi fruits are bought in Cardiff, and the most carrots in Oxford, while Glasgow is home to lovers of melons.

Kiwi is now ranked as the nation’s third favourite fruit after apples and oranges, while onions and cucumbers are the most popular vegetables and the lowest sales are seen for chicory, mustard and cress.

Sprouts are less popular, apart from in Southampton, according to newspaper reports. And Jerusalem artichokes aren’t particularly popular either, except in Reading, stated the survey.