asda extra special sirloin steak cardboard tray

Source: Asda

The move will result in the removal of more than 23 million black plastic trays each year 

Asda is moving its entire own-label steak range into 100% recyclable cardboard trays as it continues efforts to reduce the use of plastic packaging.

The move will result in the removal of more than 23 million black plastic trays each year across the Extra Special, Butcher’s Selection and Farm Stores lines, which will save about 700 tonnes of plastic annually, Asda said.

The change is in line with Asda’s commitment to ‘Use less and recycle more’ as the supermarket aims to make all own-brand packaging 100% recyclable by 2025.

“We are passionate about delivering our commitment to customers to use less and recycle more, and this move marks the next step in our journey as we strive to make all of our own-brand packaging 100% recyclable by 2025,” said Paul Geary, senior buyer for red meat and fish.

Are brands doing enough to eliminate black plastic?

“There is still some confusion around packaging and what can or can’t be recycled and by moving our entire range of steaks to recyclable cardboard trays, it means our customers don’t have to choose between living sustainably and purchasing quality, great value steaks.”

It follows sustained efforts by the whole grocery industry to reduce its reliance on plastic, with Morrisons claiming, in November, that it was the first major retailer to complete the removal of black plastic from all its own-brand food and drink packaging. The Grocer also revealed last month that all the other major supermarkets were on track to match Morrisons by the end of January 2020.

Earlier this year, Asda committed to reaching 30% recycled content in its plastic packaging by the end of 2020 and 15% overall reduction in plastic by Feb 2021, five years ahead of its original deadline. Reaching the target should avoid the use of about 19,500 tonnes of virgin plastic, the supermarket claimed.

In September, Asda moved its Extra Special Aberdeen Angus steak range into the new 100% recyclable cardboard trays as part of a trial. After a positive response from customers, the retailer is rolling the initiative out across all its own-brand steak lines in store and online from 14 December.