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Tesco worked with plastic road company MacRebur on the project

Tesco is to start using recycled plastic to resurface its car parks, in a novel new way to stop the material going to landfill.

The retailer announced the first successful project had been carried out at its Extra store in Cuckoo Bridge, Dumfries, using waste plastics that would have been destined for landfill or incineration.

The car park, it said, was resurfaced using the equivalent weight of 225,000 plastic carrier bags, preventing more than 900kg of plastic from going to waste.

Tesco worked with plastic road company MacRebur on the project.

It said it was part of its plans to look into new ways to re-use waste plastics, reduce carbon and promote a sustainable closed loop system.

It said it would be testing the new road surface throughout the winter and hoped to work with MacRebur on future projects to help re-use waste plastics if the trial proved successful.

“We are working hard to reduce plastics and re-use and recycle wherever possible,” said Tesco head of environment Kené Umeasiegbu. “Re-using waste plastics in this way is another example of how Tesco are innovating in the war against waste.”

“We’re able to take the waste plastics that are otherwise destined for landfill and add them into an asphalt mix to create a stronger, longer-lasting, pothole-free road surface,” added MacRebur managing director Toby McCartney.