OK, it's a little whimsical. But the vibrant promotion of Latina's range of five South American cook-in sauces promised such delights. The labels are rich in the colours of a Rio carnival and the titles and ingredients equally exotic. From the Brazilian Coconut, Rocoto Pepper and Ginger Moqueca to the Argentinian Orange and Chilli Churrasco, these sauces suggest exotic fun with a little hint of hotness. Unfortunately they do not all match up to this promise. Cook-in sauces offer genuine convenience and new varieties brighten up the staple of our diet ­ chicken. We tried all the sauces and followed the easy cooking instructions of simply adding the sauces to cooked chicken with an onion and pepper. We accompanied them with rice, noodles and couscous. The Cuban Havana Mango Chilli and Green Peppercorn, Brazilian Moqueca and the Chilean Tomato, Chilli and Lime Escabeche were all reasonable. They had a rich tomato based colour and we could taste the subtle flavours of lime and ginger. Although they were a little sweet, we enjoyed their spicyness. The Brazilain Moqueca was particularly good, tasting a little like a rich curry sauce. The pale Columbian Citrus and Chilli Cream and the Argentinian Orange and Chilli Churrasco fared less well. The Columbian sauce has a delicate lemon flavour and the rich orange marmalade taste of the Argentinian sauce only emphasised the sweetness of the range in general. These two varieties were like a not-very-good take away Chinese. Overall, we were a little disappointed with a range that had promised so much, as the contents did not quite live up to the exotic labelling. The instructions were easy to follow, though, and for someone in a hurry they do make a colourful addition to home cooking. One more thing ­ it was a surprise that Latina did not put the range in the more fashionable packets rather than rather staid jars. {{P&P }}