How much granola can the UK stand? I only ask because we had yet another double-barrelled girl in here last week with an absolutely super (dahling!) recipe, which she wants to launch on the oat-soaked public. 

She was going to call it Gran-tastic until Terry (from the post room) pointed out an unsavoury website with a similar name.

We were about to add that her recipe tastes like cardboard and it's already two years too late to join the creaking granola bandwagon, until she let slip that hubby is happy to fund her hobby at £10k a month. So we have, of course, swung into action. Standby by for Gnatural Granola, a year of publicity, and a two-month listing with Booths.

Meanwhile a glance at the Sunday papers suggests that the brief has gone out to try to make Peter Marks a star. Either that, or he's after a new job. The result: a handsome PR puff in The Sunday Times. Daddy always insisted that anyone who works for (or indeed shops at) the Co-op is a communist, but this article reveals something far worse. He plays the drums! I'm not sure that being the Ringo of Retailing is suitable for a Co-op Commissar. On the other hand, Ringo was always half a beat behind what was happening, too.

And now something ghastly. Facebook has launched an app (keep up dodos) that shows all your friends where you are, all the time. As Karoline (with a K) forced us all to be her friends (or find another job, sweetie), we can't sneak off to our usual afternoon haunts.

Result, productivity (I know, an alien concept in PR) up by a squillion per cent and there are far fewer Berocca runs to Boots in the mornings. Gosh might even be able to face some granola for breakfast! Only joking.

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