A Tasmanian wine producer has bottled a rare Riesling and is offering it to the UK off-trade market.

Tamar Ridge is launching Botrytis Riesling, which comes from selected areas of the Kayena Estate vineyards around the winery. The producer said its best wines were the cooler climate varieties, but particularly ones developed when it experienced a warm year, which last occurred in 2005. This also coincided with the perfect conditions for a botrytis infection, known as noble rot, which can result in distinctive sweet dessert wines.

The producer finished picking in early June, having allowed the fruit to develop extensive infection by letting the grapes hang on the vines until they were very ripe. "We only rarely have the right conditions for this wine but when we do the results can be very special," said a spokesman for the company. "We have aimed for a lighter, fresher style with lowish alcohol, at 9%, and natural high acid levels at 10 grams per litre."

He said the wines, which are produced in limited volumes, should develop further harmony and complexity over the years if stored.

The wine is recommended with rich foods, such as treacle-based desserts, and is described as having a zesty, slighty caramel flavour. It will retail at £11.95 a bottle through the off-trade.

The wine may capture the interest of consumers in the UK because of increased interest in fresher wines such as Rieslings as well as those with lower alcohol levels.