Zoe Holmes, 27, a history teacher living in Brighton, West Sussex I was dubious about tasting wine from Cyprus as it is not a well known wine region. However, I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised, but the appearance of the bottles was not encouraging. They have the word Emva prominently displayed, which reminds me of the Emva Cream Sherry of my grandparents' generation. The labels are dated and look cheap and wouldn't prompt me to pick them off the supermarket shelves. The white wine smells fresh and slightly appley, but the taste is insipid, rather like wine which has been left open in the fridge for a few days and lost its flavour. It is medium dry and, on the plus side, it wouldn't overpower any food, however bland. The red tastes slightly better. It is young and fairly smooth. However there is little body and it leaves a sour taste in the mouth, reminiscent of unripened plums. The price seems too high and I fail to see to whom the wines will appeal. Rating out of 25 ­ 4 {{DRINKS }}