From Guinness UDV, this recently launched premium packaged spirit has been so successful that supply is on an allocation-only basis. Abv: 5.5% Price: £1.39 per 275ml bottle TARGET CONSUMER Nicole Parker, 21, is a PA from Brighton. With its bottle shape not too dissimilar to Sophie Loren's hourglass figure, the new Archers Aqua offers instant appeal. It is very ergonomic and, with its frosted glass, very soft in the hand. You need to be careful not to forget you are holding it after consuming copious quantities. I tested the peach and lime flavours. Both are sufficiently carbonated, making it a definite attraction to young women. I was surprised they had made a peach variant in the light of Archers being a peach based schnapps. Anyway, it was less sweet than a normal Archers and lemonade, and more refreshing. The Lime was subtle and reminded me of various vodka based alcopops. It was pleasant to drink on a hot summer's evening. Overall, this is a delightfully thirst quenching drink which will attract young women. The bottle colours go with any outfit and it won't make them burp like old men or lads on the pull. Rating out of 25 ­ 23 Jane Brocket Master of Wine and freelance wine consultant This comprises four flavours: orange, peach, lime and cranberry. All are 5.5% abv, colourless, clear and lightly effervescent. Without exception, they have synthetic aromas and flavours more reminiscent of a packet of Starburst than anything to do with schnapps, as suggested on the bottle. They are shockingly similar to children's sweet, fizzy drinks and I could barely detect the alcohol. This makes it easy for young consumers to knock them back in quantity. These are aimed, taste-wise, at the youth market as no-one with any experience of decent wine or beer would find them palatable. Rating out of 25 ­ 15 Simon Massey Brand director of Nine Yards An excellent effort to move the Archers brand forward! The bottle and design retain the cues of the parent while sporting contemporary elements and simple and effective colour-coding. However, the Aqua brand is weak and the consumer may be confused as to what to ask for. The product itself is not too sweet, very refreshing, and you can taste the alcohol. There was a female frenzy in our studio to consume the products. For the target market a good product, good range of flavours and packaging that says the right things (except the sub branding) and should have no problems standing out in a crowded arena. Rating out of 25 ­ 21 Steve Mayes Trading controller at Landmark Will Archers Aqua be successful? Does a one-legged duck swim in circles? Will the Aussies win the Ashes? It's all a bit obvious!! The brand is already very successful. Even a Muppet could have predicted that it would be very successful. It has all the components. Big brand. Striking packaging. Popular flavours (if you've got no taste buds). However, it does make you wonder why there should be significant availability problems given the fact that it was a dead cert. 25/25 for NPD but 0/25 for launch planning. What's the point in having a successful product that you can't buy? Rating out of 25 ­ 0 Total score out of 100 ­ 59 {{DRINKS }}