From Isle of Arran Brewery. Voted Champion Wheat Beer' by the Society of Independent Brewers. Abv: 5% Price £1.95 TARGET CONSUMER Barry Savage, building maintenance surveyor, age 44, from Sydenham, London The name sounds like an eighties female rock star and perhaps this ale is aimed at those of us who did most of our drinking in this period. The taste can certainly compete with the likes of Grolsch, but the overall image is far less trendy. Definitely one for the older market. The brown bottle and cloudy sky depicted on the label give a middle-aged respectability to the product, but I think the label is too fussy in its detail. Overall the ale looks and feels surprisingly light for a 5% abv strength drink, and its smooth clear taste is refreshing. I reckon this is well worth buying if the price is competitive with the rest of the premium bottled beers. Rating out of 25 ­ 20 Phil Tuck Master of Wine and wine director of Hatch Mansfield The presentation on this is surprisingly attractive for a beer. It has a sweet, distinctly hoppy nose. It seems to be a little light on flavour but the beer has good weight and a pleasant bitterness that leaves the palate clean. It's not overly wheaty or overly gassy and the alcohol is well balanced. It is not too high, and I feel this adds to its drinkability. This is an attractive, easy to drink beer that I would certainly try again. Perhaps it could be improved by a little more length on the finish, but otherwise I think it is excellent if you like this sort of thing. Rating out of 25 ­ 15 Gary McCall Managing director of Poulter Partners The single bottled ale category attracts a discerning drinker who will study the range before choosing. Shelf stand out is, therefore, not vital. However, when the bottle is studied at close quarters it must entice the customer to purchase. It is a very interesting product concept, with the opportunity to convey all that is good about the island, including the distinctive brewing methods and ingredients. But the packaging does not convey any engaging values or images. The supporting elements to the quality is in our nature' strapline are not exploited. It is not a product I would be drawn to purchase. Rating out of 25 ­ 13 Carol Du Cann Senior buyer (beers, wines and spirit) at Alldays An attractive label, but the back wording tells you nothing and makes you cringe. Can't they find another word for nature? This should be promoting the beer to the customer who has chosen to read it. Tell them it's made from wheat, or how it's brewed. The beer smells and tastes delicious, with real beery and hoppy flavours, but is well balanced and very moreish. The maximum price point has to be £1.99 and good margins are needed to motivate retailers to stock. This, combined with a label which encourages customers to try, should give this quality product the success it deserves. Rating out of 25 ­ 19 Total score out of 100 ­ 67 {{DRINKS }}