THE EXPERT Arabella Woodrow Master of Wine and wine buyer for Forth Wine This is really quite orange in colour with a thick froth and it has a strong malty, hoppy nose. The beer has a full, dry and almost creamy feel in the mouth and has a long finish. It is quite soapy and minerally but there is a good bite to it. This is a well made beer which has well balanced flavours which linger in the mouth. I quite like the jolly label, although it does seem very old fashioned. Nevertheless this brew is good value for money and not a bad product at all. Success rating out of 25 ­ 18 THE DESIGNER Matt Thompson Associate director of Blackburn's, a brand packaging designer Another specialist beer trying optimistically to peddle its wares. It's a good start; a catchy name (nice alliteration) with all manner of meanings and implications ­ I'm intrigued if not a little confused. The warm and friendly illustration of dog et al overcomes any negative implications about peddling' narcotics. But then surely the Olde English meaning of pedlar flogging pots and pans is pre-bicycle? Throw in pedaller being someone who literally rides a bike and it's all too clever by half. Simple messages are always the best. Success rating out of 25 ­ 10 The buyer Adam Marshall Licensed trading controller at Nisa-Today's An out of date, uninspiring label. It looks like a 1940s advert for The Wizard Of Oz. Is H&H saving costs by trawling through the back of filing cabinets for old labels? The addition of wheat (from the Straw Man?) is certainly noticeable but I can't say it adds anything to a beer that lacks taste. And, like the Oz Lion, it lacks heart. To paraphrase the press release, "...we normally only release it to our customers and pubs during February, but due to overwhelming production and continued enquiries from our accountants, we have decided to pasteurise the flavour out and bottle it." Success rating out of 25 ­ 10 Total score out of 100 - 56 {{DRINKS }}