From Wychwood. The Hobgoblin brewer's first move into cider. It is a collaboration with Brothers Drinks. Abv. 6.5% Price: 99p per 33cl bottle TARGET CONSUMER Carole Johnston, 46, research biochemist who works and lives in Oxfordshire As a frequent drinker of cider, my initial reaction to the bottle was one of interest. I found the label both eye-catching and tempting and was eager to sample the contents. Temptation was not a disappointment and I found it to be an extremely pleasant tipple, being very smooth and palatable. Its strength is secretive and I would find it easy to drink in large amounts and then wonder why I was so tipsy! The label described it as dry, but I would suggest it is more of a medium than dry, and as such more attractive to girls. The term dry could be a put-off to the younger drinker. All in all, a definite contender to compete against the alcopops. Rating out of 25 ­ 22 Sally Easton Master of Wine and wine buyer for Berry Brothers and Rudd The name and presentation suggest this drink is going to be of the alcopop genre, but it is in fact a straight cider and quite a strong one at 6.5% alcohol. It has a honey-golden colour and a gentle sparkle which disappears too quickly. It smells quite scrumpy-like, of ripe apples and honey, but the palate is disappointing. The mild sweetness is a little out of balance with the level of fruit, and the fruit itself lacks depth of flavour and intensity. It finishes flat, short and slightly too bitter to be pleasant. The packaging is somewhat garish and does no favours at all to the positive image of cider. Rating out of 25 ­ 5 Graham Shearsby Board creative director, graphics, at Design Bridge Trying to make cider as tempting and seductive as Häagen-Dazs ice cream is an interesting thought, but for it to really stand a chance the detailed illustration might need to be a little bit more Emanuelle and a little less Joy of Sex. All the correct ingredients are there, the voluptuous Eve with the long blonde hair cascading down to a hint of buttock discreetly hiding the nipple of a naked breast. And there is the muscular male, giant serpent gliding between his thighs carrying the forbidden fruit tantalisingly towards his partner's lips. Does it work for you? Me neither. Rating out of 25 ­ 5 Steve Mayes Category controller at Landmark "Lead us straight into Temptation ­ because it's irresistible." The label is stunning, typical Wychwood, all Gothic and nude with a serpentdragontypethingy. The liquid is a great balance of fruit and alcohol and is a pleasant change from some commercial ciders. The 99p rsp looks reasonable value for a premium 330ml 6.5% abv product, and the margins aren't bad. Good product, good presentation that will bring added value and innovation to a market that has been pretty stale. Rating out of 25 ­ 20 Total score out of 100 ­ 52 Graham Shearsby Board creative director, graphics, at Design Bridge xxxxxxxxx Rating out of 25 ­ x Steve Mayes Category controller at Landmark xxxxxxxxx Rating out of 25 ­ x Total score out of 100 ­ xx {{DRINKS }}