from Stephen Allen, marketing manager Tayto (NI) Ltd

Sir; In last week’s issue you carried an article entitled ‘Last Tayto plant closes’ (p12), which referred to the closure of a crisp factory owned by the C&C Group in the Republic of Ireland.
A photograph of the Tayto Fusion brand accompanied the story and I would like to make it clear that this brand is manufactured by us. Indeed, we are a thriving business continuing as normal. Tayto (NI) Ltd is the trademark owner of the Tayto brand in many countries around the world, and has the sole rights to use the Tayto name in the UK.
Tayto (NI) Ltd operates two factories, in Skelmersdale, Lancashire and in Tandragee, Co Armagh. In the past 12 months alone we have invested more than £7m in our Tandragee plant, making it one of the most modern crisp production facilities in the British Isles.