European food delivery service Bolt has designed a courier bag that it claims to be the answer to food and drink spillages.

The company has made the design for ‘The Unshakeable Bag’ freely available to competitors “for the benefit of food delivery customers worldwide”.

The design uses “state-of-the-art gyroscope technology” so that a small tray on which orders are placed inside the bag remains level “even during the most abrupt movements”. Blueprints show the parts are primarily 3D printed.

Given the design drastically reduces the amount of food that can be carried in the bag, and requires a constant supply of power – provided by three nine-volt batteries – the bag is likely not practical for widespread adoption.

It is also not being rolled out widely by Bolt itself, The Grocer understands.

unshake bag

It has, however, proved a nice piece of marketing for the Estonian brand, which operates its car hailing, scooter hire, and takeaway delivery service in 45 countries. In 2021, it launched a grocery delivery service Bolt Market in the Baltic states, which has since expanded to Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland and elsewhere.

To promote the bag, Bolt posted a video of it being tested by freestyle snowboarder and former Bolt Food courier Marko Malsub. Malsub is shown carrying a burger and Coke down a slope to a customer at the bottom. “Not an ounce of cola was spilt,” the video states.

“We believe everyone should enjoy a perfect meal, regardless of which app they order it from,” the company said. “And we know that you agree. Join us, and let’s end food spillage – for this generation, and the next. ‘Liberté, égalité, no spillagé,’ as the French say.”