bonds app

Bonds Confectionery has hailed the success of its new iPad app-based digital ordering systems.

The PixSell app, from Aspin, allows Bonds’ sales team to present digital representations of the products to potential customers, receive information from head office about tailored promotions customers might be eligible for, and order in real time.

Aspin provided on-site training to help implement the move from pen to digital a year ago.

“The app has really sped-up our ordering process whilst providing a professional catalogue/selling tool and giving staff much more time to concentrate on other tasks,” said Bonds web sales manager Steven Barrett.

“The ordering process has made something that was traditionally a bugbear for staff something that is efficient, easy to use and streamlined.”

Philip Courtenay-Luck, Bonds’ managing director, added: “We were quite cautious at first with our move to digital ordering. Our sales team are accustomed to a more traditional system, so overhauling this was something of an undertaking for us.”