Breedr cofounder and CEO Ian Wheal with the new app

Source: Breedr

The free app helps farmers supply to retailer specifications more accurately and sell livestock virtually

Tech startup Breedr has launched what it is describing as the “world’s first” fully-traceable livestock marketplace app.

In development for two years, the free app helped farmers supply to retailer specifications more accurately, and allowed them to sell virtually, without the need to move stock to physical markets.

The business has invested more than £2m in the app and its cloud-based trading network and consulted widely with supermarkets. It said “achieving consistency with minimal waste was the key demand”.

The app works by collating data on live weight gain, feed, health and parentage to make predictions about the animal’s performance and optimum date of sale for peak-profit for the farmer. It then creates a digital profile for each animal that can be matched with a contract and traded online, meaning producers have assured sales and buyers can easily source prime beef to order.

“Meat is now a luxury product and we need to be making sure of the consistent quality and sustainability of these products, to the highest standards,” said UK Beef Farmer of the Year and Breedr triallist Ian Sturmer.

“With Breedr we have become aware of the importance of breeding. Variety in the quality of the bulls within a breed is staggering. With the support of Breedr, we are now considering selecting the semen and working with dairy farmers to improve growth rate and performance and meat quality. We can breed animals that use less food, grow more and taste better.”