Unilever logistics director Sarah Greenfield has called for greater alignment on legislation across Europe to improve the flow of goods.

She suggested weight restrictions and tax in particular needed better compatibility. At present, EU weight restrictions reduce the ability to use double-stacking and longer trailers for cross-border distribution.

“The solutions that we propose cannot mean more trucks on the road or more sheds being built,” said Greenfield at the Scala annual logistics debate 2015.

“It’s about how we create a sustainable, collaborative model that shares resources and harnesses that interconnectivity and interoperability inherent in UK transport and warehousing.”

She also called on companies to make better use of EU grants to reduce the environmental impact of the industry.

“We need to start figuring out how we can harness the grants and benefits that are available to us to actually start getting the money into capex to get into those cutting-edge economic, viable decisions.”