Source: VoCoVo

The new headset accommodates teams of up eight staff members

Retail communications specialist VoCoVo has launched a new headset device specifically designed for the needs of convenience stores.

Dubbed VoCoVo Link, the headset accommodates teams of up eight staff members, in a bid to improve communication and safety for smaller retail stores.

While enabling “instant and discreet communication” for colleague and customer support, VoCoVo said it could also help retailers overcome crime and safety concerns, with a visible headset often acting as a deterrent to criminals.

According to global research by VoCoVo, conducted in March, 85% of small retail stores admit to having challenges with communication in store, with the leading issue cited as team members having no way to speak with each other discreetly without customers hearing.

The survey also revealed that 51% of small retailers currently rely on making calls over personal mobile devices to communicate with each other in-store.

VoCoVo said the new device could reduce the reliance on mobile phones, which could cause distractions to team members and be off-putting for customers in need of support.

“We’re proud to be showcasing VoCoVo Link for the very first time at the National Convenience Show today (29 April) and to demonstrate to attendees how we can support them to reach new levels of efficiency, improved safety, and enhanced customer service delivery,” said VoCoVo founder and co-CEO Rob Gamlin.

“Independent retailers are at the heart of communities all across the globe, and it’s never been more important to create solutions that ensure people’s safety and wellbeing is prioritised whilst serving their communities. In VoCoVo Link, we’ve created a cost-effective solution which delivers tangible value to these businesses and their people.”

Beth Worrall, Co-CEO of VoCoVo, added: “It was important to us that we invested time to speak with store owners about the issues they face daily, and ensure VoCoVo Link’s design and functionality addressed these head on.

“Through this process, it was clear issues of safety and efficiency are keenly felt in smaller retail environments with fewer team members on shift at any one time with reliance on mobile phones a widespread concern. With VoCoVo Link, team members no longer have to feel isolated and are provided with a fast, safe, effective means of connectivity.”

VoCoVo Link is the company’s latest product release following the Series 5 Pro headset that launched in 2023. Iceland revealed earlier this year that it was rolling out these headsets across its entire 1,004-store estate by the end of April.