Tesco will unveil the results of the largest-ever category review of its wine offer in a fortnight. The new-look range will include what it claims will be the largest selection of rosé in the UK and 24 new wines under the Finest banner.

The Italian and Spanish ranges will also be increased, in response to changing drinking trends, said the retailer.

"We work tirelessly to meet and exceed our customers' tastes and we have reshaped the range to offer them more of what they want," said Tesco wine category manager Jason Godley.

"Monday 13 August will be the culmination of 10 months of hard work by the whole team to introduce a huge selection of wines - more than 370 in total."

The number of rosé wines, which will double to more than 60, have been sourced from all over the world, not just California, which has been responsible for much of the category growth to date. There is also a new low-alcohol rosé from Argentina, called Plume, and a rosé-over-ice offer named Frozé.

Tesco's Finest range will now total 75 wines, with additions from Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, Spain and the US.

"The Finest range brings to shelf wines that encourage the customer to try something new with the confidence of the Tesco brand," said Godley.

"The new Finest listings include unusual varietals. We have also included wines that head current trends such as Chardonnay Viognier from Argentina, a Prosecco and a Pinot Grigio from Australia."

Pinot Grigio also features in the Italian range, which has increased by a third to more than 80 wines, with the majority priced at £5.99 and above. The retailer has also increased the number of indigenous and regional Italian wines to broaden consumer choice.

Within the Spanish selection, Tesco has doubled the number of white and rosé wines, again in a bid to broaden consumer choice, said Godley.