Health & beauty continues to be one of the most heavily promoted categories in the multiples, ranking fourth among the top five categories last weekend, with 14% of total offers.

Tesco boasted the most promotions, health & beauty accounting for 19% of its total offers, putting the category in second place behind impulse. Morrisons and Sainsbury's both allocated 15% promotional space each, with health and beauty third in both retailers' overall activity.

Asda's allocation for health & beauty was 14%, putting it in fourth place. Somerfield had the smallest number of health and beauty promotions, with the category only accounting for 4% of its featured space.

Bogofs work well within health and beauty as there are products that complement each other when included in the offer, such as shampoo and conditioner, or suntan lotion and aftersun.

They accounted for 37% of all health and beauty offers last weekend, x-for-y in second place with 31%. The basic save mechanic was used in 26% of promotions with a big drop to 5% for half-price and to 1% for special purchase.

Six brands share the top five health & beauty chart, with Radox at number one, accounting for 27% of activity. The brand used bogof and save as its primary mechanics.

Colgate brands took second place with 22% of promotional space, bogof again being used as the primary mechanic, followed by x-for-y.

Head & Shoulders accounted for 16% of the top five health and beauty offers, using x-for-y on 60% of its promotions and save on the remaining 40%. In fourth place with 13% was Gillette, which ran promotions in Morrisons using half-price and x-for-y, and in Sainsbury's on save and half-price.

Vaseline and Sanex both accounted for 11% and shared fifth place. Vaseline promotions were focused on save, with Sanex using a combination of save and x-for-y.

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