Rosie Davenport
Tesco is hoping to refuel interest in a forgotten wine packaging innovation by giving the two wines in one box concept a new outing.
It is following in rival Sainsbury's footsteps by teaming up with Darlington Wines to produce a three-litre box holding two different wines.
The chain is going to keep the same name that Darlington Wines gave the product first time round ­ Duo. Darlington owns the rights to both the name and concept which was ditched by Sainsbury six months after its August 2001 launch.
Now Tesco is to give the Duo concept a new platform by pairing a French Chardonnay Vin de Pays d'Oc and a Chilean Chardonnay, priced at a premium of £14.99. Sainsbury's £12.99 offering contained a white and a rosé wine from France's Anjou region.
Tesco's product development manager, Helen McGinn, said: "Although the packaging innovation was a fantastic idea we thought we needed to do some work on the wine inside. We chose two different styles of Chardonnay so consumers can appreciate the grape is a blank canvas and depends on where it's from."
She added that Tesco was looking at the possiblility of extending the Duo wine box range to offer a white wine and a Beaujolais combo which can both be served from the fridge.