Tesco fish supplier Seachill is facing a court battle with a supplier over £1.2m of fish.

The £200m-turnover whitefish supplier Ocean Trawlers claims Seachill, a UK subsidiary of multinational seafood giant Icelandic Group, owes £1.2m for transactions instigated by Ocean Trawlers' then sales manager Alistair Ramus.

Hong Kong-based Ocean Trawlers alleges it is entitled to the return of this fish or payment of its cash value plus damages, interest and costs, according to court documents.

The claim centres around five separate sales made by Ramus to Seachill. "The claimants believe the defendant has processed, sold and delivered the quantities of frozen fish to third parties without the claimants' consent."  

Icelandic said it had acted in good faith, obtained title to the fish and had no reason to pay any more. The claim will be heard between 1 June and 31 July.