The Advertising Standards Authority has come under attack for its decision to censure Iceland and Tesco. Tesco has condemned the watchdog's ruling it misled consumers with a leaflet extolling the purity, low cost and taste of organic foods. While the multiple is not planning to appeal, it is being supported by the Soil Association, which could appeal the ruling on principle. Simon Brenman of the Soil Association said: "The complaint was a kneejerk reaction by an advocate of biotechnology. It was disingenuous for the ASA to make this ruling ­ it would have been different if they had consulted us." And Iceland has challenged the ASA's criticisms of its leaflet on genetically modified foods ­ and is demanding an independent inquiry. Iceland md Russell Ford said he was "deeply disappointed" by the ASA's ruling. "The leaflet was put together by GM experts from across the country and we believe it contains a fair view of the facts that have come to light about GM food," he said. {{NEWS }}