Tesco is the supermarket of choice for half of the UK’s ethnic minority shoppers, the largest study ever caried out into their lifestyle trends has revealed.
Of the 1,700 shoppers surveyed in the MinorityReport for OMD Insight, 50% said they shopped at Tesco. The retailer’s popularity was even more pronounced with Black Africans, 63% saying they carried out their main shop there.
Sainsbury and Asda were left trailing in its wake, each attracting one in three shoppers. However, Sainsbury scored highest with Bangladeshi shoppers, 49% saying that it was their top choice, and Morrisons was the most popular supermarket with Pakistanis - 18% saying that was where they carried out their main shop, compared with 17% for Sainsbury.
Worryingly for the independents, only 13% of ethnic minority shoppers claimed to shop there, though they were still the top choice for South Asian groups.