Tesco is overhauling its wine aisle layout next month and adding 150 new lines to its range.

The retailer, which claims to sell one in every four bottles of wine bought in the UK, is broadening its selection and introducing a new look and layout in a bid to appeal to customers already interested in wine, and those intimidated by the aisle's 'wall of wine'.

The move will introduce sections showcasing individual wines, plus dedicated Finest range areas and a 'Great Wine Chosen by Tesco' banner. The retailer has also created an area with a smaller selection of wines for less confident consumers, which will include bestsellers and on-shelf food pairing ideas.

"This is about making the range more structured and encouraging people to discover new tastes and flavours," said Laura Jewell MW, senior product development manager for wine.

Tesco is removing duplications and underperforming lines including brands from its range, which will total 1,300 including online exclusives. It has added more than 50 lines to its Finest selection in the past year and next month will add two wines from California a region that has not been represented in the Finest range since 2008. The Finest Sonoma County Chardonnay and Finest Alexander Cabernet Sauvignon (both rsp: £8.99) are exclusive to Tesco stores in the UK but the company is examining products that can be sold across its global estate.

"We're currently looking at how we source internationally and how we can get a commonality of at least part of the range across the retail countries within the Tesco portfolio," explained product development manager James Griswood. "It's not the case at the moment, but there will be products available in both Fresh & Easy and Tesco UK."

As part of the revamp, the retailer is adding a selection of Australian 5.5% wines to address increased demand for lower-alcohol products. "If you can put something in front of shoppers that tastes decent then I think we'll see more of it being sold, but you need to yell that they're low-alcohol otherwise people feel cheated," said Jewell.